Are you belong to Blocked List Countries? or want to access your store in your blocked country? We are introducing our feature for shop admin The WhiteList IP. If you want to access your store then just add your IP range into WhiteList IP.

Start From Here

1) Click on the Add New IP IN White List link

2) Import White List IP

After That a form will be opened, Then do the following steps:-

1) Start IP=> Enter Your Start IP

2) End IP=> Enter Your End IP

Note: If you have single IP then add your IP to both Start & End IP box.

3) Click on Add To Whitelist IP button to add IP in List

4)  Press the Click on this link to view all White List Data link to view WhiteList IP table.

Now Whitelist IP table data is displaying.

If you want to delete The IP range:-

1) Click on the Trash button to delete the IP from Whitelist IP

After that

Now All IP's which are in the WhiteList IP table can access your store.