If you want to hide the products in a specific location, create rules to hide products in many places..

Follow the steps to hide products:

A) Click on the Rules List menu

B) Click on Create a New Rule button

After click on Create New Rule button, the rule form will be opened. Fill the details in the form below:

1) Enter Rule Name (For Internal Use Only) => Enter the name of the rule that will be used to identify the rule.

2) Select Status of the Rule => If you want to disable the rule, click the disable button, otherwise leave it.

3) Select Multiple Countries to Block Products => When you select countries, the blocked products will not be displayed in these countries.

4) Block Products By => Select an option to block products by product name or collection name. If you select the collection option, all products below the collection will be blocked.

5) List of Blocked Products/ List of Blocked Collections  => All blocked products / collections will be listed here.

6) To delete blocked products / collections, double click on the product / collections name in the list.

7) Add Products in Blocked List/Add Collections in Blocked List => To add products / collection to the Blocked list, click Add Collection in the Blocked List / Add Products in Blocked List button.

8) Click the Save Rule Settings button to save the rule.

9) Click the Cancel button to cancel the rule

The rule is now saved in the rule list table.