1. First, Install the module and then proceed to click on "Associate" in order to associate with the shop.

2. Once the shop is successfully associated, you can proceed to select a plan by clicking on the "Choose Plan" button.

3. Once you have selected a plan, you will be automatically registered for the app. Afterward, you will receive a generate the password email on the associated email address. Upon setting up the password, you will gain access to the Login page.

4. After logging in, you will be able to view the app dashboard where you can check the status of the app. Make sure that the app status is displayed as "ON".

5. Now, navigate to the PrestaShop Settings tab and proceed to enter the Store URL and Webservice Key. Once these details are provided, you will have the ability to synchronize the store products.

6. Now click on the Manually Sync Products button from the Products tab to get your store products.

7. After sync, click on the Labels tab from the top menu.

8. Now click on the Create a New Label button to create labels.

9. Now go to the Prestashop Setting section, and copy the Product label token.

10. At the last, paste the code in the Product label token at the Module which token you have copied.