1. First, click on the Product Label Login button from the plugin.

2. Now Create your account by entering your email, and password, and clicking on the sign-up button.

3. After registration, here you can see WordPress Store Details form.

4. Enter the correct details of your WordPress Store inside the required field.

Note:- If you enter the wrong details then you are not able to sync your WordPress store products in the app.

5. Now you are in the product labels app Dashboard, now enable the app.

6. After that, click on the Products button from the top menu and click on the Manually Sync Products button to sync the products.

7. After sync, click on the Labels button from the top menu.

8. Now click on the Create a New Label button to create labels.

9. After creating the label, click on the WordPress Settings button from the top menu.

10. Inside the WordPress Store Data, you can see the Product Label Token input field, now copy the token.

11. After that, go to your Elegantsy - Product Labels plugin.

12. Paste your Product Label Token inside the input field of this plugin.

13. Now click on the Save button.

That's how your Elegantsy - Product Labels App is working on the WordPress front store.