To obtain Google Map API Key, please adhere to the following steps;

1. Create a Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Project:

  • Navigate to

  • Log in using your Google account credentials, or create one if you don't already have an account.

  • Click on the project dropdown menu and choose “New Project.”

  • Enter the project name, select the organization (if relevant), and specify the location.

  • Finally, click the “Create” button to establish your project.

2. Enable the Google Maps JavaScript API:

  • Within the Cloud Console, click on the menu icon (≡), then proceed to “APIs & Services” > “Library.”

  • Search for “Google Maps JavaScript API” and then select it.

  • Click the “Enable” button to activate the API for your project.

3. Create Credentials:

  • Within the Cloud Console, navigate to “APIs & Services” “Credentials.”

  • Click the “Create credentials” button, then choose “API key”.

  • Your API key will now be generated. You can further enhance security by restricting its usage, for instance, by specifying which websites or IP addresses are permitted to use it (recommended).