In this tutorial, we will learn how to block products into a specific country or state, please follow the below steps:-

From your Side, go to the Create New Rule from the side menu

1. Enter rule name:- This name is used for internal use only in the app.

2. Select Status of the Rule:- From here, you can enable/disable the rule in your store. 

3. Block Proxy or VPN(If the user uses the proxy or VPN):- Here, you can block the products for proxy or VPN users.

4. Select Block By:- Here, you can block the products by Country or state.

5. Select Multiple Countries/states to Block Products:- We provide available countries/states to add to the blocked countries/states. also, you can block the products based on continents.

6. Select the Products to Block:- Now, you can select the products which you want to block from the country or state

7. Now click on Save Settings after completing the above steps.