If you have multiple stores and you want to redirect your customers based on Country and Langauge then you need to make redirect rules for each store.

To create a redirect rule, Do the Following

A) Click on the Redirects Menu.

B) Click on the Create A New Redirect button.

After clicking on Create A New Redirect button, the redirect form will be opened. Fill in the details in the redirect form.

1) Select Countries to Block=> Select the multiple countries from the drop-down box like the United States.

2) Enter Store Name=>  This will be displayed when you display a popup box or bar on your front store like Global Store.

3) Enter Redirect URL=> This URL is used to redirect visitors to your store like https://zendapps.com.

4) Auto Redirect the Users=> If you want to force redirect your visitor without displaying any message then click on the Yes button.

5) Add Relative Path in URL=>  If you want to display the same page after redirecting your other store then click on the Yes button. This will add the visitor's current page after redirecting the URL.

6) Enable This Redirect=> If you don't want to apply this rule to visitors then click on the No button. This rule will be disabled if you click on the No button.

7) Apply rule only to the home page => If you want to apply the redirect only on the homepage then you Select the "YES" option.

8) Localize the Text (Optional)

9) Click on the Save Settings button to save the redirect.

Now Redirect rule has been created successfully.

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