Easy Country Blocker is a simple and more powerful app to block or redirect unwanted

users from accessing your store by countries/states/VPN/IPv4/. If you are frustrated

bout receiving fake international orders, then the right solution here.

Note : In General setting, you can choose custom block page or Redirect URL.

We have some features like; 

⦁    Block by Country Using this feature, you can directly block the store for any country

and visitor not access your store in anyhow condition.

⦁    Block by state/province: If you don't want to show your store on a specific

state/province of the country, then you can use this feature.

⦁    Block by VPN : By using this feature If any users who blocked from the country but

 still they try to access your store by using VPN then you can use this feature, so user

 directly blocked from VPN.

⦁    Block by IPs: If you want that any user who is visiting your store many times but not

 purchasing anything, or you are receiving fake orders, then you can directly block his IP

 address, so user can not visit your store anymore.

⦁    Block by Bots: If you want to block any bot, then you can use this feature.

⦁    Password : In this feature, you can Enable Password Protection to access your online

 store using the password for blocked countries. You can change the password according

 to you.

⦁    Right-click Disable: Our app protects the content from being copied by any other

 web store, you do not want your content to spread without your permission then the app

 will keep your images and text protected by Right Click, Drag, Drop, Key press, and Text