Firstly, click on the Block By States from the side menu in the app, now click on the

Block New State to add the states to the Blocked States list 

Start From Here:- 

1. Select the Country ⇒ Firstly, select the country which you want to block

2. Select states from the Allowed States List. You can select the multiple states by using the Shift + Click button. The state which is on the Allowed States list can access your store.

3. Click on this button(>>) to add the selected states to the Blocked List from the Allowed States List.

4. Select States from the Blocked States List. You can select the multiple States by using the Shift + Click button. The States which are on the Blocked States list can't access your store.

5. Click on this button(<<) to remove the selected states from Blocked List.

6. Click on the Save Options button to save states.