Product Review App is a web-based platform that allows users to share their opinions and experiences about various products and services. Users can write reviews, rate products, and read reviews from others to make informed purchasing decisions.

This app is user-friendly, requiring only straightforward steps to follow.

1. App Settings: In order to display the review on the front end, you need to configure certain details.

  • Review Widget Title : You have the flexibility to customize the review widget title according to your preferences.

  • Total Review Text : You can include this text to display the review count accordingly.

  • No Review Text : This text use for no reviews on the products.

  • Write a Review button : This button is visible on every product page, so you can change the text if you want.

  • Auto Publish Reviews : If you choose this option, reviews will be published in accordance with the conditions you have selected.

  • Select Review Template : You can select the template as per your preference.

  • Colors : You can change the color of Review user color, description color, star color, widget date color, button color and text color.

  • Average Rating Show on Collection page : You can show or hide that feature according to your preference.

  • Date Label : You can also show or hide that feature to hide or show date on the review.

  • Custom CSS : If you want to make changes apart from these features, then you add the custom CSS here.

2. Review Form Widget : You need to configure the Review Widget form that you want to display on the widget.

  • Add the Review form heading as per your convenience.

  • You can change the Name Label, Email Label, Rating Label, Review Description Label, Submit Review button label and Review submit success massage.

  • After, all changes, you need to save the settings.