To initiate the process, you must configure the Sales Popup Settings to ensure the proper functioning of the app. 

Please follow these steps:

  • Navigate the Sales Popup option.

  • Begin by adding the Popup Message Title, which should include the Customer's name, City, Country, and Product Title.

  • Now choose the Popup Position and select a Popup Animation.

  • Afterward, choose the most Recent Order Quantity for display.

  • Next, configure the timing(in seconds) for the Popup display.

  • Next, choose delay timing(in seconds) to show the First Popup notification.

  • Next, choose delay timing(in seconds) between the Popup notification.

  • Next, choose the popup Text color and Background color.

  • Next, choose the Popup Image Position and select the Order By.

  • Next, choose the font size for the Primary heading and Secondary heading.

Need to check to show the below setting in the popup and the settings are given below:-

  • Display sales popups on Mobile Devices.

  • Include a Close Button in the popup for easy dismissal.

  • Present the Timestamp on the popup to indicate the timing.

  • Include a Stock Label on the popup to convey availability.

  • Open the Popup URL in a new tab.

  • Enable the Demo Orders popup for demonstration purposes.

Here, you now can incorporate Custom CSS.

Click the "Save Settings" button to apply and save the changes.

Afterward, you'll notice the updated changes in the pop-up that you modified. Enjoy using the Sales Popup App!