To configure the Product Warning Rule, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Product Warning app.

  2. Click on the "Create Warning" menu.

In the Common Settings:

  1. Enable the Rule Status.

  2. Configure the Warning Message.

  3. Manage the font size of the Warning description.

  4. Configure the Warning Description Color and Warning Background Color.

In the Warning With Regions:

  1. Enable to show the Location-Based Warning.

  • Specify Allowed Countries: the product warning shows allowed countries.

  • Specify Blocked Countries: the product warning does not show in blocked countries.

In the Warning Display Settings:

  1. Select the Warning Type:

  • Displaying Popup: Triggered by "Add to Cart" or "Buy Now" Button Click.

  • Configure the Product Warning Heading and Font-Size.

  • Choose the Product Warning Heading Color and Warning Popup Overlay Color.

  • Update the Confirm Button Text Color and Confirm Button Background Color.

  • Update the Cancel Button Text Color and Cancel Button Background Color.

  • Enable Cart Item Addition after the popup confirm button click.

   B. Displaying a Warning Message in the Product Description Section.

  • Select the Message Layout as desired.

   C. Manage the display Warning Icon.

In the Preview Page:

  1. View the Preview Displayed on Your Site.

In the Select Products:

  1. Choose Products for Displaying Product Warnings.

In the Custom CSS:

  1. Input your custom CSS here.

Please remember to save your changes by clicking the "SAVE" button.